Embed surveys directly into your web page or blog

WebSurveyMaster is happy to announce the latest enhancement to our flagship product.
Surveys can now be embedded directly into your web page or blog, making them appear as though the survey form itself is displaying directly from your web site, so respondents will not need to click on a hyperlink or open a new window to fill out the survey form.

Benefits of Embed surveys

To help our members create embedded surveys, the survey editor has been enhanced to allow viewing the survey at the desired width, so that you can be completely sure how it will look on your own page.

Embedded surveys enjoy nearly all the functionality of our standard surveys, including complete color customization, multiple pages, skip logic, question and answer choice randomization, embedded images, and YouTube videos.

A simple example of an embedded survey is shown below. Give it a try and then start creating your own embedded surveys.

Embed surveys

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